The installation, shibumi, starts in a small alcove in the ceiling at MCA/ DENVER and runs along the walls of long hallway on the second floor. At the end of the hallway, about 800 ceramic pieces culminate into a densely packed snarl in a space that is about 5 ½ feet wide and 7 feet long and 12 feet high up the wall. The pieces are made of:
thread, purple Italian grapes, blooming tea blossoms from my friend Natalie, screws, egg cartons, PC-7epoxy, cardboard nesting packaging for apples, paint rollers, wood ash, a laundry basket, plastic net bags for oranges, cherry tomatoes, and avocados, gasket rings, a volley ball, my husband, Joe’s shoelace collection, sea sponges, a mango, air, pig intestines, a whisk broom, Mexican Christmas paper ornaments from my friend Emma, glazes, the top of a pineapple, porcelain slip, string, water, cardboard packing inserts for three pairs of sneakers for my kids, e 5-minute epoxy, a Japanese pear, my studio mop head, nails, copper wire, a mesh bag for bocce balls, raspberries, yarn, Christmas tree cinnamon scent brooms, bike spokes, trust, the tops of carrots and fennel, ribbon, glass, dead succulents, an old-t-shirt, red and white sculpture clays, a plastic mesh bag filled with my son Henry’s hair, chains, accordion paper packing materials, kitchen sponges, metal rods, low-fire casting slip, corn husks, an auto air filter I found on Baseline Road in Boulder, luster glazes, time, metal O-rings, a filter from our humidifier, 2-ton epoxy, a Chinese box toy from my friend Toni, Egyptian Paste, a feather duster, natural gas, my daughter Odelia’s burnt toast, luck, panty hose, a vacuum cleaner bag, egg shells, mirrors, gravity, acrylic paints, silk, a glass pestle, a mouse.
My intent was to create a sense that the pieces had blown into the space, getting stuck and accumulating much like flotsam collects in pockets on the beach or logs and debris jam up in rivers.

-Martha Russo, 2010