Subterranean Delights

What happens when you mix loads of carrots, mackerel, bread, salami, lettuce, beets, dough, squid, noodles, cabbage, olives, instllations, blue lights, burnt toast, gelatin, fish eggs, , artists, willing helpers, delicious food, music, and dance to help the Boulder Museum of Contemporary ? The answer is Subterranean Delights.

With the gracious invitation, support, and inspiration from local artist, Rebecca DiDomenico, she coupled with artists Emma Hardy, Katie Caron, Nikki Pike and me to create an evening that was centered around making artful experiences with food as our main ingredient and with aesthetic inspired from 2 of Rebecca’s art installations in a space on North Broadway in Boulder, CO.

Katie and Rebecca created a landscape of fruits and vegetables. Emma and I made a full-size cast body out of gelatin. There were live models adorned with food co-mingling inside of Rebecca’s 2 installations. Nikki and the Barter Truck Collective welcomed people into the zany event which was all a fund raiser for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary.

The night was full of frolicking food fun.

BMOCA, Subterranean Delights